Thursday, June 21, 2012

Diaper Free!!?!!

So it's been too long since I have posted anything, but I thought if there were ever a reason to start back up again this is IT.  Although it has not come easily or quickly, I believe that we are finished with diapers in this house.  I am not counting nighttime pull-ups, cause those are just a precaution to keep me from having to change the bed.

Potty training has been an enigma in the Siek house.  Everything says that girls tend to train earlier and easier than boys.  Well, I would just like to say that there will be NO trend following here.  Julia took over a year & Laura's stubbornness has really reared its ugly head where using the potty is concerned.  Sean was done in like 3 days, never any accidents.  

For the last 2 days I have sat in the bathroom with Laura while she screamed and cried, basically threw a temper tantrum while on the potty.  "No I am NOT going poo poo on the potty.  I went tee tee but I'm NOT going poo poo."  I would just laugh and she would tell me "don't laugh, it's not funny".  The funny part is that I did take a couple of short videos, which I will be happy to show her at some very opportune time when she is older.  I am happy to report though that mine and Scott's persistence has won out (for now at least).  I am not ignorant enough to say that the PTTs (potty temper tantrums) are far from over, but we have been in panties for the past 4 days and we are NOT going back.

Now I have waxed poetic over certain stages in my children's lives that are difficult to see go, but you will read none of that today.

Today is a day only for rejoicing!!

After 6 years & 2 months we are officially diaper-free!!!!

Here's her little stubborn pose in her plastic panties.