Friday, May 27, 2011

A Camping We Will Go

A camping we will go, heigh ho the derry o, a camping we will go!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sick of Sick: Part III

WOW!!  It has been a very long time since I have run a fever.  Yesterday I woke up with a low-grade fever , was sick to my stomach & very weak.  My hubby had to stay home because it was the last day of school and I had kids (or I should say kid because Sean was still sick too) to deliver and gifts to deliver and such.  I spent most of the day in bed.  I only have one word for that . . . BLAH!!!  That has only happened one other time since I have had kids (5 years now).  I feel like I lost a week of my life.  Does that say that I cram too much into my days?  Hmm, something to ponder.

So the positive side to this is that I haven't eaten anything but a couple of popsicles and a few bites of soup in the past 38-40 hrs.  So, ladies you know what this mean . . . looser fitting clothing!!  Always have to find the bright side.

So, now I forge ahead today doing today's work as well as yesterday's.  That would be okay except now Laura is sick.  Luckily this seems to be a silly little virus that causes only fever for about 24 hours.  Let's just hope Julia doesn't get it too . . .


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Bits about my Little Bits

Thought I would just list a few things my little bits are doing these days.
1.  Laura has started going "AHHH" after she takes a drink.
2.  Julia rolls her eyes at me.
3.  Sean gives me multiple hugs while I am getting him dressed.
4.  Julia likes to push her brother & sister on the swing.
5.  Laura has started speaking in full sentences.
6.  Sean tells me often that he is going to "spank my bottom" if I don't stop whatever he doesn't like that I'm doing.
7.  Julia just lost her first tooth.
8.  Sean likes to tell me, "Mommy, your hair is lovely".
9.  Laura always says bless you when anyone sneezes.
10.  All 3 of them make a point to share with each other.
11.  Laura pretends to burp and says "Cuse me".
12.  Julia is into Barbies.
13.  Sean is into pirates.
14.  Laura loves when we all do something together and names us all off, multiple times.  "It's Daddy.  It's Mommy.  It's Julia.  It's Sean.  It's Laura."
15.  Laura is having separation anxiety right now.
16.  Sean likes to play tackle in the backyard & he will tackle you whether you have the ball or not.
17.  Julia is starting to get a little big for her britches & has to be reminded that she is still a little girl.
18.  They all 3 scream with excitement when Daddy gets home from work.
19.  Julia will eat just about anything, Laura & Sean are much pickier eaters.
20.  They all love fish & chicken but are not big red meat eaters.
21.  None of them will eat mac 'n cheese (weird), but they like asparagus.
22.  Julia loves to draw and cut paper.
23.  Sean likes to cut paper, but has recently cut 2 pairs of shorts.
24.  Sean can not say lemonade, he says "nemolade".
25.  Julia can't say probably, she says "problaly".  

Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Gone

My first born has lost her first tooth.  *Sigh*  I missed it, though.  It happened at school.  Her teacher sent me a text message to let me know she lost it, but they found it.  Apparently she was showing someone and pulled it out herself.  She didn't cry, but just let the teacher know.  Her sweet teacher then went about the mission of finding it.  Thankfully they did, but don't know how because it's so tiny.

So, I guess the Tooth Fairy is going to have to visit us while we are all together camping.  That should be interesting!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Some of my fondest memories from childhood are of our family camping trips.  Scott and I both want to make those same memories with our kids.  We camped a couple of times when Julia was a baby, but have been a little afraid of taking 3 little ones.  However, that fear has to be pushed aside now.  Julia has an Indian Princess family campout this weekend and we are all going.  Not sure if the tent will be big enough for a pack n play, 2 sleeping bags, an air mattress, all our stuff & us.  We will take an extra one just in case.

I will post again after we get back . . . if we survive, that is!!??

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Loose Tooth

So I have noticed over the past few weeks that Julia's bottom teeth have been shifting around and now she has some big spaces.  I asked a friend of mine whose son has just started losing his teeth if this could be a sign and she told me to see if I could see another tooth.  Duh!  I hadn't even done that!!  So, at dinner last night I was telling Scott the story and we looked . . . sure enough she has a permanent tooth through the gums.

So, now she is walking around talking funny because she is pushing on that tooth.  I explained to her that she needed to be careful and just watch for the tooth when eating hard things like apples, etc.  She said, "Like carrots too?"  Then a few minutes later she asked if she needed to be careful while eating pasta.  Guess she didn't really get it.

And since I am on the subject of Julia, she is really excited about reading right now.  She wanted to read a book last night and chose a leveled reader that she is familiar with, which was good since it was a Level 1. She is still only in Pre-K.  We made it through one page and she was ready to move on, but Mommy had to take a break.  I am just glad she is excited about it!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Had a nice Mother's Day weekend and managed to see almost all of the Moms in my family.  Thanks to my wonderful hubby for making the most delicious barbecued chicken & ribs last night and grilled swordfish steaks today.  Made some yummy brownies today & had 2 of them!  My baby has now pee peed in the potty 3 times!!

So, all in all I would say that this weekend has been a success!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Potty Time . . . Again

My youngest has been sitting on the potty for a few months now . . .  fully clothed, that is.  Lately she has been doing it more and more and I have gotten her on there sans diaper a few times before bath time.  However, last night we had our first success . . .  pee pee in the potty!!!!  You know my husband and I made a huge deal out of it when our first used the potty for the first time, but with each successive child the celebration gets bigger.  Yesterday there were 4 people running around cheering.

Maybe a bigger celebration will equal faster success??

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Okay so I feel like I have been buried for the past month!!  Think that I overcommitted myself this year & will have to not make that mistake again.

So, now I am resurfacing and need to get back to the things I enjoy, my family, cooking, baking, trying to be creative & making my house a home.  Somewhere in the last month of craziness my baby girl finally started stringing words together.  I believe the first I noticed was "Sean go bye bye".  She has also become a little (I stress the word little) bit of a cuddler;  but, you know she is just a move & a shaker and doesn't have time to slow down.  She and her big brother (only by about 16 months) have started playing together and it is so cute to watch.  The other day I was in my room getting ready and I heard copious amounts of giggling and bare feet slapping the floor.  The were simply chasing each other around the house and she found it terribly funny.  It made my heart smile.

My son is also settling into the age of 3.  He is very stubborn and hard-headed and short-tempered, but we are finally having some success with getting him to use his words and hold his temper.  I am wondering how long this will last before the next phase begins??!!

Until then I will enjoy every moment!