Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sassy but Sweet

I have always known that my oldest was going to be sassy and she is!!  However, my son has really been trying to assert himself these days and sass is all I get from him.  He likes to repeat back to me whatever I say to him.  Remember doing that when you were a kid??  Yeah, well it was annoying enough then, but when your 3-year-old is doing it to you while you are trying to be serious and scold him . . .  it's way more annoying.  Yesterday he was starting to get uppity and I (in true parent fashion) say firmly "Sean Willard  . . . (you know how it goes)" and he turns around and looks right at me and repeats in the same tone, "Mommy Willard . . . "

You know someone should just slap us internally when we laugh at our kids when they do something like that!  My husband and I luckily were not looking at each other because I am not sure we would have been able to hold it in at that point.

It's not right to call a boy sassy, though, right?

New Favorite

Ever since I became passionate about cooking, I have been a hard core homemade girl who likes to make all things from scratch.  I don't even like using boxed cake, because I have always felt that cake from scratch is better and really pretty easy to make.  With 3 kids under the age of 5, though, I have begun to take many shortcuts in the kitchen and don't cook as often as I like.  However, I have still always tried to make my cakes from scratch (with a few exceptions).  Today, though, I may be a new woman (or baker, as it were) because I have found a great cake recipe that may just be my new favorite!  And, scandal of all scandals . . . it starts with a boxed cake mix!???!!!!?  I am using and playing with the recipe for my daughters birthday cake and cupcakes.  I will have to post later if it's really the hit I think it will be.  So, stay tuned . . .

Monday, April 11, 2011


So I figured I would post a picture of my last decorating adventure as I am preparing to embark on another.  These were for my son's birthday recently.  Now it is time for my oldest to turn the big 5 and I will start working on her cake this week.  I will post pictures when (if) I finish hers.  His were Jake & the Neverland Pirates, the new big hit show at our house.  We are doing putt putt for my daughters birthday party, but she has also asked for a princess cake.  So, we will see if I can combine those 2 into something decent looking.   

This is just a hobby of mine and right now I am having fun making them for special occasions.  Hopefully, I won't tire of this hobby like I do all my others!!  

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sick of Sick: Part II

Well I thought I had saved my oldest from the crud, but she has now fallen sick too.  I will say that a sick almost 5 year old is easier than either of the other 2.  She would come into our room holler for me and then run back to throw up.  Scott finally told her that she didn't have to run into our room because we had her on the monitor.

There is part of me now that wishes they had all had it at the same time so we could have gotten it over with quicker.  Instead we are now going on week 3 of this stuff.  I am also worried that it's been long enough since S had it he may be susceptible again.  ARRGGGHH!!!