Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Not a very creative I admit, but I am not feeling very inspired lately so it will have to do.  Here are a few things my kiddos have been up to lately:

1. Laura has really started talking like an adult in complete sentences.  Bye bye to the caveman speak!
2. Sean has discovered the computer and loves it.  He would play on it all day and he is very naturally computer literate (like his daddy).
3. Gracey called Julia on the my cell phone the other day to "just talk".  That would be her first ever social phone call (sniff sniff).
4. Laura seems to still be growing (90th percentile for height & weight) and is now creeping into a size 5.

5. Sean is going through the terrifying threes and is driving us all nuts with his tantrums & generally bad behavior.  Guess he is just asserting himself as a guy & trying to find his place in the family.
6.  Julia has shot up in height (need to measure her) and has jumped from a size 6 to a 7 almost overnight.
7. Laura refuses to tee tee on the potty so my dreams of having one potty trained before the age of 3 may be dashed.
8. All 3 of them love school and can't wait to go each morning. :-)

9. Sean says he prefers to use his left hand, but can use either.  Scott is so excited cause he wants to teach him to play sports left-handed.
10. Sean is finally getting a little bit of an appetite.  However, his 4s (which he has to have for the length) still swallow him up.  Thank heaven's for the person who invented the cinch straps for children's pants.
11.  Julia got her first real pedicure at a grown-up nail place with her Auntie this past Sat.
12.  Julia & Sean LOVE the theater.  Auntie took them to see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day at a children's theater this past Sat.

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