Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick of Sick

So, this past weekend my baby girl got the stomach bug.  I must say that it is considerably more difficult to control the throw up of a very strong-willed 20-month-old than that of an OCD 3 year old, i.e. scrubbing the couch and chairs & my new living room rug.  Also, my son's sickness was really a 24 hour thing and he was back to normal within 48.  Poor little L had a relapse last night that was miserable.  She went through 3 sheet changes, a bath & 4 wardrobe changes in about an hour.

It really stinks when your kids are sick, but it really REALLY stinks when your little babies who can't communicate are sick like that.  She kept trying to tell her Daddy & I something, but of course it all just came out as garble to us.  I do have a few thoughts on what she might have been saying because I know what I would have been saying.  However, Mickey Mouse did the trick to calm her and she just laid on her Daddy's chest until we were finally able to put her back down without everything coming back up.

Wonder what today will hold for us??

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  1. Nothing wrenches your heart like a sick child. Praying for well days ahead for you all.