Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sassy but Sweet

I have always known that my oldest was going to be sassy and she is!!  However, my son has really been trying to assert himself these days and sass is all I get from him.  He likes to repeat back to me whatever I say to him.  Remember doing that when you were a kid??  Yeah, well it was annoying enough then, but when your 3-year-old is doing it to you while you are trying to be serious and scold him . . .  it's way more annoying.  Yesterday he was starting to get uppity and I (in true parent fashion) say firmly "Sean Willard  . . . (you know how it goes)" and he turns around and looks right at me and repeats in the same tone, "Mommy Willard . . . "

You know someone should just slap us internally when we laugh at our kids when they do something like that!  My husband and I luckily were not looking at each other because I am not sure we would have been able to hold it in at that point.

It's not right to call a boy sassy, though, right?


  1. Guess boys just have a "smart" mouth. Hmmm!