Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lake Love

Recently my parents purchased a small place on a lake.  The whole family was in on the decision to make the purchase with our list of pros and cons.  It's a place that needs a lot of work, but it does have a small 2-bedroom trailer and an old boat dock.  Once purchased my wonderful hard working hubby & father start discussing all the possibilities for the place.  Then a few weeks ago we decide that Labor Day should be a lake labor weekend.  So, my hard working hubby & father took last week off and set out to get the place ready for the family.  Now, not to be left out, my hard working mother had been spending weeks making the trailer nice and clean and homey, and boy was it.

By Friday it was still messy and a little rough (no water except in the lake and even that is lower than it's been in 20 years), but I took the kids out there to start our weekend.  I must say that I am so glad we did!!  We all had the best time & I remember why I love the lake so much.  I have such warm memories of spending weekends & holidays at my grandparents lake place and now we are making those memories for my kiddos.  And boy howdy did they play!!!  No TV and they went nuts playing and being creative.  They had their first ever baths in the lake and thought it was pretty neat.  Looking forward to many more great times to come!!  Thanks Mamere & Grandaddy!

The trailer pre-work weekend. 

The lot pre-work weekend.

The dock pre-work weekend.

View from the dock pre-work weekend.
The source of the carnage (not Julia).

The property after Scott tore it all up.  All this should be covered by water.

Getting ready for our morning paddle boat ride.  Thanks for the paddle boat Grandaddy!!

There's my hard workin hubby.  Isn't he cute??

View from the paddle boat.
Waiting on a paddle boat ride.  Aren't they sweet??

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  1. looks great! You will all have so much fun there and make many wonderful family memories for your own kids :)