Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Okay so I feel like I have been buried for the past month!!  Think that I overcommitted myself this year & will have to not make that mistake again.

So, now I am resurfacing and need to get back to the things I enjoy, my family, cooking, baking, trying to be creative & making my house a home.  Somewhere in the last month of craziness my baby girl finally started stringing words together.  I believe the first I noticed was "Sean go bye bye".  She has also become a little (I stress the word little) bit of a cuddler;  but, you know she is just a move & a shaker and doesn't have time to slow down.  She and her big brother (only by about 16 months) have started playing together and it is so cute to watch.  The other day I was in my room getting ready and I heard copious amounts of giggling and bare feet slapping the floor.  The were simply chasing each other around the house and she found it terribly funny.  It made my heart smile.

My son is also settling into the age of 3.  He is very stubborn and hard-headed and short-tempered, but we are finally having some success with getting him to use his words and hold his temper.  I am wondering how long this will last before the next phase begins??!!

Until then I will enjoy every moment!

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