Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Little Things Mean Alot

Just another list of things my kiddos are up to right now.

1. Laura thoughtfully taps her finger to her cheek and says "Hmmmm, let me sink"
2. Sean is all about kisses.  He gives out kisses just wherever, on my arm, hand, shoulder, etc.
3. Laura has been using the potty a lot lately (however, still very much in pull ups).  After she goes, she hollers out "Wawa (Laura) went lellow (yellow)".  Don't know where that came from.
4. Laura has asked for ice cream for Christmas, that is all.
5. Sean has said he wants race cars.  When I asked what else, his response was, "Please just give me race cars . . . OH and a cupcake".
6. Julia is reading like mad.  She really loves it and I am amazed at the words she is able to read.  Scott and I can't spell to keep things from her anymore.
7. Julia and Sean have started setting the table for me.  They love it (for now).
8. Laura has started demanding kisses.  She will tell Scott or myself "Div me tisses!"
9. Laura's appetite is finally starting to diminish which is a good thing, because I don't think they make diapers any larger and she barely fits in her pull ups.  She is wearing a size 4/5 in clothes.
10. Julia hit a growth spurt a couple of months ago and went from a 6 to a 7 in a matter of a few weeks.  It was crazy.  All of the sudden one day nothing in her closet fit.  Her legs are getting very long.
11.  Laura has been terrorizing her brother and sister by picking on them and pushing them around.  Strange to say, I know, but she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.
12. Sean is going through his whining phase.  He whines about everything!
13. Sean is the SLOWEST eater!!  His finicky eating is finally going away, but holy cow it takes him forever to eat.  He likes to thank me and tell me how much he loves whatever I make.  So sweet!
14.  Laura has been stripping in bed at night.  Scott and I have discovered her more than a few times when we go to bed.  She is sound asleep all curled up, totally naked.  Those will make great bribery pictures.

I tried to get them each looking through one of the 3 holes in this at the same time, but had no luck.  

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