Thursday, December 15, 2011

One More Year

I've made it through another year (barely, I think) relatively unscathed.  However, since my days and nights revolve around my children I will just talk about them.

Julia-my thoughtful little sweetie who is always concerned about others and wanting to help out; she tells me last night that she loves to help me cook; she spends her fun time at church making me a birthday necklace, bracelet & card; her favorite place to eat it Pluckers because of their ranch wings; she helps me out with her brother & sister; she struggles with talking too much in class; she's my memory;  she's discovered reading and is constantly trying to read everything; my little ray of sunshine!

Sean-my super sensitive, short-tempered, very strong-willed little man; he loves to play on the computer and would all day if I let him, he loves to dress-up; loves hugs & kisses & cuddles;  he's going through a super tough year adjusting to the idea that he doesn't get whatever he wants whenever he wants it; he's finally discovering that he loves all kinds of different foods, but still loves sweets the best;  his favorite place to eat is Freddy's; I think he is finally beginning to discover what it means to be a boy in a house full of sisters; he is so expressive & loves to sing in the shower;  my sweet little man who challenges me every day!!

Laura-my very strong-willed, demanding, independent baby; she refuses to let anyone push her around; she wants to do everything "by myself"; she's my only thumb-sucker and when I tell her to stop, she waves her hand at me and tells me to leave; she has alway put her hand in my face and told me "no" when I have tried to sing to her; she loves her big sister & brother, but pushes them around cause she can;  she loves to eat and will take the food off your plate when you're not looking; she is an animal lover already; she has recently discovered she likes to tell me no; she loves Mickie Mouse & McDonalds; she is a fan of crossing her arms at me, turning her head from me and hrumphing when she doesn't like what I tell her; my little ball of energy, smiles & giggles with a mind of her own!

They are my greatest accomplishments & the best birthday presents I could ever have!!

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  1. Such wonderful, insightful observations about your precious children! You will cherish these writings forever, my darling!!