Monday, May 6, 2013


A wise person once said "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!!"  We have all laughed at this statement, it's been cross-stitched on a few pillows, hung on a few walls and probably even been used as a threat by "momma" herself.  However, on the serious side of it, at it's heart it speaks the truth.  It's a Mom's role in the family to run the house, whether she works at home or outside of the home.  A home is made by Momma.  

As an extension of that Momma also sets the tone for the whole family.  Recently, I heard this in a bible study and have indeed found it to be true in my own life.  Last week I posted some pictures on Facebook of my children's beds & rooms after they were off to school.  It was a proud Momma moment to find their beds made and their rooms picked up before they left for school.  And again this morning, the same clean rooms and made beds.  They are not perfect and there are a few odds and ends lying around.  But I stopped and said to myself, they are being conscious of their surroundings and trying to take pride in them.  That's really all I want.  And it occurs to me that last week I finally pulled myself out of a 2-3 month long slump.  I am back to watching my diet, exercising, and working to keep the house clean.  

"Hmmmm," my brain says.  Could there be a correlation between my new attitude and my children's????  I think yes.  

It's a tough role, this being a parent.  Having someone watch you 24/7 and do exactly what you do is a lot of responsibility.  I can harp at my kids all day long about keeping their rooms clean and their beds made, but until they see me doing it, it's not going to sink in.  Now I know this is not some earth-shattering discovery I have made.  It's just the sinking realization of knowing something deep down vs. seeing it first-hand.  And it's also a self-perpetuating thing.  I see my kids nice clean rooms and it makes me want to work harder.  

So, hang in there all you parents and remember that growing kids is not a 1-2-3 all done job.  It's a long, hard road that takes persistence and a never-give-up attitude, with sweet moments along the way and such a beautiful reward in the end.  And right now this Momma is happy.  

Here's wishing you all a Happy Monday and a blessed week!!

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