Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sweet Lala

Today we are celebrating Laura's 4th birthday.  She is such a funny little girl.  She's a mix of shy & bold, tomboy & princess, sassy & sweet.  

Back in May her teacher told me, she's never known anyone to talk as much as Laura (apparently, she hasn't spent much time around me or my husband :-0).  She noted though that while many 3-yr-olds tell the same stories over and over, Laura's stories are different every time.  

The other day she actually fell out of my suburban and bloodied both of her knees.  By the time I got to her, within seconds, she was brushing me off and telling me she was fine while running off to play. 

She's my full-of-life, full-of-energy, full-of-smiles, full-of-laughter girl.  She brings light to all of our lives for her cup always runs over with joy. 
My prayer for her is that she always remains the way she is now and that she continues to enjoy her life to the fullest.  And that in every challenge she may face, she is able to jump up (bloody knees and all) and run back into life with a smile.  

Happy Birthday my sweet Lala!!!

A few days old.

Decked out in her new princess bling yesterday.

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