Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So a friend of mine told me the other day that I should think about doing a blog.  I have been hesitant to do this because everyone is doing a blog these days and I am not usually one to jump on the bandwagon.  However, my life has been turned on its ear since I started having children 4 1/2 years ago & I thought that maybe this would be a way to record my daily thoughts (seeing as my memory seems to have taken a permanent hiatus).  Also, it's a new year full of great possibilities, right?  We all make crazy resolutions in the first few hours of every new year, right??  So, why not??  This will be my blog about my crazy life with my husband and 3 small children, under the age of 5.  My husband, of course, only fits mentally into that under 5 age category.      

1 comment:

  1. Way to go! It is a great way to record funny and touching moments with your children that you indeed forget too soon. Can't wait to read the next installment of your chronicles.