Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Loose Tooth

So I have noticed over the past few weeks that Julia's bottom teeth have been shifting around and now she has some big spaces.  I asked a friend of mine whose son has just started losing his teeth if this could be a sign and she told me to see if I could see another tooth.  Duh!  I hadn't even done that!!  So, at dinner last night I was telling Scott the story and we looked . . . sure enough she has a permanent tooth through the gums.

So, now she is walking around talking funny because she is pushing on that tooth.  I explained to her that she needed to be careful and just watch for the tooth when eating hard things like apples, etc.  She said, "Like carrots too?"  Then a few minutes later she asked if she needed to be careful while eating pasta.  Guess she didn't really get it.

And since I am on the subject of Julia, she is really excited about reading right now.  She wanted to read a book last night and chose a leveled reader that she is familiar with, which was good since it was a Level 1. She is still only in Pre-K.  We made it through one page and she was ready to move on, but Mommy had to take a break.  I am just glad she is excited about it!

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  1. She's at the age for losing teeth. It also means she is growing up, good thing you have younger ones or it might be a little sad. They grow up way too fast. Awesome on the reading.