Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Bits about my Little Bits

Thought I would just list a few things my little bits are doing these days.
1.  Laura has started going "AHHH" after she takes a drink.
2.  Julia rolls her eyes at me.
3.  Sean gives me multiple hugs while I am getting him dressed.
4.  Julia likes to push her brother & sister on the swing.
5.  Laura has started speaking in full sentences.
6.  Sean tells me often that he is going to "spank my bottom" if I don't stop whatever he doesn't like that I'm doing.
7.  Julia just lost her first tooth.
8.  Sean likes to tell me, "Mommy, your hair is lovely".
9.  Laura always says bless you when anyone sneezes.
10.  All 3 of them make a point to share with each other.
11.  Laura pretends to burp and says "Cuse me".
12.  Julia is into Barbies.
13.  Sean is into pirates.
14.  Laura loves when we all do something together and names us all off, multiple times.  "It's Daddy.  It's Mommy.  It's Julia.  It's Sean.  It's Laura."
15.  Laura is having separation anxiety right now.
16.  Sean likes to play tackle in the backyard & he will tackle you whether you have the ball or not.
17.  Julia is starting to get a little big for her britches & has to be reminded that she is still a little girl.
18.  They all 3 scream with excitement when Daddy gets home from work.
19.  Julia will eat just about anything, Laura & Sean are much pickier eaters.
20.  They all love fish & chicken but are not big red meat eaters.
21.  None of them will eat mac 'n cheese (weird), but they like asparagus.
22.  Julia loves to draw and cut paper.
23.  Sean likes to cut paper, but has recently cut 2 pairs of shorts.
24.  Sean can not say lemonade, he says "nemolade".
25.  Julia can't say probably, she says "problaly".  

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