Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog Title

Okay so I often look at my blog title and name "CrazyMommy" and try to determine if this really fits me. Sometimes I feel as if it gives readers the wrong impression of me . . .

And then I have an incident such as this mornings' and I know that I have named my blog perfectly!!

So, I am having a good morning considering that I am the only adult in the house and Sean got up super early today.  I am dressed, having coffee, kids are eating and everyone is happy.  Julia asks if I can whip up some boiled eggs.  While trying to explain to her that I can't just whip them up at the moment I peer into the frig and wonder why there is an 18 pack of eggs missing.  I know I went to the grocery store on Wed and I know that I bought eggs while there.  So I start mumbling to myself trying to retrace my 2 day old steps and start feeling downright crazy.

Then it dawns on me that I may have never even brought them in from the car, but I push that thought out of my head.  I mean, really, who leaves eggs in the car for 2 days, during an unseasonably warm winter.  Finally, I run to the car and . . . there they are . . . just sitting there.

Luckily, it's trash day today so they went straight to the trash and I am oddly comforted by the fact that I really am just a Crazy Mommy!

Happy Friday :-)


  1. Too bad that it wasn't hotter and they would have been cooked and ready to eat! I have so done the leaving groceries in the car mistake!!

  2. I left $20 worth of pork tenderloin in the car one time. Made me sick!!!!