Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Child's Interpretation of Lenten Discipline

So the other day Julia was sitting in her room.  She was there because she had done something not very nice to a friend at school.  She has been acting out lately in a very out-of-character way for her.  Her teacher and I agree that it's that oh-so-patient person finally losing patience with everyone.  I sent her to her room to think about what she had done and told her to do nothing but sit.

A few minutes later I walked past her room and she was sitting on the floor with her entire shell collection spread out around her.  I asked her what she was doing and was ready to scold her for not doing what she was told.  This was her response, "No Mom, I'm not playing.  I am deciding what I am going to give away for Lent."  I didn't really go into a detailed explanation at the time.

Then yesterday morning we were discussing Lent and the idea of giving something up in order to remind ourselves of the sacrifices Jesus made for us.  I shared with them that I usually give up sweets because it is difficult for me.  Julia replied, "Yes Mom, and you can give them away to us (meaning her & her siblings)."  So then I attempted to explain the difference between giving away, and giving up.  It's really a semantics thing.  However, I think she gets the general idea since she was willing to give "away" one of her treasured shells.

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