Saturday, February 4, 2012

Proud Mama

So I know I spend most of my time whining and wailing about my kiddos cause that is what a mama is supposed to do . . . right?!?!?

Well I am going to take just a minute to praise them highly.  I took them out to dinner tonight with my family, without Scott.  So it was just one against three.  Not good odds right?  I must say though that they were just angels.  I managed to get them all to take naps this afternoon and then they all (non-complaining) took quick baths before we had to leave.  We were out the door on time and I was even fully dressed, in nice clothes, complete with makeup!  Shocker, I know.

All 3 of them sat through dinner, were well behaved, used inside voices, had impeccable manners, ordered their own meals & ate almost every bite.

My proudest moment of the evening came at the end though.  A lady who had been sitting at the table right next to ours came by on her way out to tell us how wonderful our kids were.  She said she couldn't believe that they sat there that long and were so quiet and well behaved.  I am so glad that she did that.  Sometimes the only people to speak up are the ones that are complaining.  So, thank you nice lady at the restaurant and thanks to my sweet angels!!  I love you!

Now for the funny part.  Sean, my super picky eater, has decided that he loves salad.  Praise Jesus!!!  We had Scott's brother, his wife & my nephew over for dinner a couple of weeks ago and I made caesar salad.  Sean couldn't get enough of it, forget the noodles I had made because they had tomato sauce on them.  He hates tomatoes in any form: sauce, fresh, ketchup, etc.  So at this particular restaurant my in-laws always order salad for the table (no, it's not Olive Garden, which I detest).  The salad comes with tomatoes, onion, blue cheese and just a plain vinaigrette.  So I ask Sean if he wants salad and he emphatically says "YES!"  I pick out only the lettuce, he did find some minute crumb size pieces of purple cabbage.  He picked them out, handed them to me and stated, "Mom, I said I didn't want any of THAT".  Once the 2 terrible minute crumb sizes pieces of purple cabbage were removed he proceeds to eat two helpings of basically lettuce.  He loved every bite, but the funniest thing was he insisted on eating it with 2 forks.  I have no idea where that came from.  I was just thankful because he was eating something green!!

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  1. That's so cool! I love it when the kids behave in a restaurant!