Friday, February 10, 2012

So cute!

These days my cute little "Lala" is indeed cute, but also driving me nuts!  The two's have definitely taken hold of her and made her plumb crazy.  The kicker is that she is still so adorable, so I thought it a good time to make another child list.  This is my warning for anyone out there who doesn't want to read about my kids.

Things little Lala is doing these days:
1. When she hears something she cups her hand to hear ear and says "I hear sumsing"
2. When her daddy gets upset with her, through whining (fake) sobs she says "yes ma'am daddy"
3. She still refuses to use the potty for #2.  However, she really wants to be a big girl and always says "I go potty like Ewic (her cousin Eric)"  I don't know why she identifies with him on the potty thing, but she does.
4. She loves to put her hand on her hip or hips and be really sassy. Can't imagine where she gets that from (ahem).
5. She adores her big brother "Seany boo".  She loves to wake him up in the morning or after nap by getting in his bed, snuggling with him and tickling him.
6. Most of the time she completely ignores what I say and does exactly what she wants to do.
7. Then again, she can't stay in her gymnastics class.  She runs out screaming & crying for me.  I also can't leave her in the nursery at the gym.  She cries the whole time.
8. She has moved to a big girl bed (which she refers to as a "girl big bed"), only because she was starting to crawl out of the crib & pack 'n play.  She loves it and is pretty good about staying put.  In the morning she hollers "O Mommy?"  when she is ready to get up.
9. She loves to tell me "I can do it myself!", of course with her hands on her hips.
10. She likes to order me to "div me tisses" or "div me hugs"
11. The whining has begun, just as Sean's is starting to taper off (hear the background scream from me?).
11. Sadly (and happily) she is starting to ask real questions and communicate more like a big kid.

See the hand on the hip?

Last slumber in her crib.

This past weekend Scott took down our last crib (heavy sigh).  Our days of babyhood, which at times I have been so ready to be over, are coming to an end.  As happy as I am to move on to the next stage in our lives, I am a little heart sick over the loss of my babies.  I think now I know what motherhood is, for me anyway: mourning the loss of each stage of your child's life while also feeling excitement and joyful anticipation of who they will become and where God will take them as they grow.  


  1. Laura is so cute! Sassy, yes, but very cute. That last paragraph is right on the money! Perfectly said :)

  2. And she taps her cheek and says so seriously "Let me sink"! What a precious and precocious little girl!!
    You got it just right, describing motherhood.

  3. love it! she sounds like an absolute crack-up!! I, too, am mourning all of the baby things I will miss as Emma gets bigger. Right there with ya :( And also excited for all the things yet to come :)