Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A litte bit of this and little bit of that

So Sean has been struggling to make good choices these past few days.  His behavior has taken a complete turn around.  Oftentimes when this happens he is having allergy problems, which sometimes results in an ear or throat infection.  This evening we were in the car leaving Double Daves and I just asked him if his ears were bothering him or anything else.  He replied, "Yes, Mommy."  I asked him what is was.  He paused and answered, "It's the bees and flies, they are bothering me."  Not really the answer I was searching for.

Laura has become very attached to me in the past couple of days. [You can see how all this might be driving me crazy.]  So, anyway this evening everyone wanted to sit with me on the couch.  Laura was getting very angry that Julia & Sean were there.  She kept pushing them and hugging me while saying "My mommy!"  Then, of course not to be outdone, the others start arguing with her.  [You can see how all this might be driving me crazy.]

All this after I didn't get much sleep last night because Julia wet the bed (which never happens anymore), in my bed & then fell off the bed on her head onto the hardwood floor.  So I am on the bathroom floor holding her soaked with pee while she cries and I worry that she has a concussion. [You can see how all this might be driving me crazy.]  She seemed fine after a few minutes as well as today.  Although she has been complaining that her head is hurting.

So glad hubby is on his way home from the airport, as we speak!!

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