Wednesday, June 22, 2011


In 2004, shortly before we got married Scott and I bought our first home.  Luckily he and I were in agreement about the type of home we wanted to own, older in an established neighborhood.  We wanted something we could put our own stamp on, not something new and cookie cutter.  This is the adorable 3-bedroom we found, built in 1958.

Previous owners had made it nice and pretty with paint (except for the wallpaper), but still could use lots of work.  See below ugly linoleum floors & hideous wallpaper.

These were 2 of the first things to go.  We actually had to remove 2 layers of wallpaper and retexture the dining room walls.  Then we pulled up the linoleum and put down tile in the kitchen and laminate in the dining.  We also replaced the dishwasher.  We did much more to the kitchen, but that will come in a later post.

I think that I got the desire to remodel from my parents, who remodeled an entire house from the ground up and from the inside out.  However, my hubby and I have a couple of crippling issues.  He is color blind and I have no sense of decorating.  We are also horrible about the finishing touches.  So what this means is that we have a 1/2 to 3/4 finished home.  We keep at it though and this brings me to where we find ourselves today.  We had vowed not to start anymore projects, but our master bathroom shower walls started caving in a couple of weeks ago which has forced us into a bathroom remodel.  He says that he is taking it back to the studs which means color choices, tile choices, etc.  I feel frozen with fear as to where to start.  I will plug ahead and hopefully not end up with something I hate! :-0

Any ideas would be muchly appreciated.


  1. Look at lots and lots of pictures for ideas. That helped me with color, material and style choices. Lowes has lots of good books and magazines to browse through.

  2. A certain decorator friend of mine taught me this trick: flip through magazines, the free ones from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Ballard Design, etc. are fine. Get on one mailing list and you will be on all of them. Tear out the pictures you like, even if there is only one thing you like in the picture. Circle stuff, make notes on the page, etc., then lay them all out and you will be surprised at what you see. You will start to see a pattern and your personal "style" will emerge.