Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Proud Momma

Occasionally I like to post a list of new things we are doing around here, so here goes.

1. The kids are starting to do chores and right now they like them (I'll have to remind them of this in a few years).  They argue over who gets to help.  Sean helps his daddy feed the dogs and take out the trash.  Julia clears the table and makes her bed every day.

2. Laura is speaking in full sentences!!

3. Sean is going through the terrible 3's (and Mommy is not handling it well).

4. Julia is really developing her reading skills and is super ready to read.

5. All 3 of the need to work on their table manners.

6. Laura asked to pee pee on the potty yesterday, and she did!!!  Let the potty training commence.

7. Julia & I are going to camp next week, she can't wait.

8. Laura is finally losing her monster appetite and eating like a little delicate flower.

9. Julia is losing that little little girl look (sniff sniff).

10.  Julia can almost swim (finally), Sean is (finally) loving the water.  And Laura will randomly jump in the pool without any warning whatsoever :-0.  Gotta watch her like a hawk around the pool.

1 comment:

  1. Such important milestones. So glad you are recording them!