Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moving Forward

So today is the day we move forward on our bathroom remodel.  Scott has been slowing tearing it up here and there in his spare time & we bought all the materials to finish (except the beadboard).

*shower tile . . . check
*shower floor tile . . . check
*shower accent tile . . . check
*floor tile . . . check
*precut marble counter top . . . check
*undermount sink . . . check
*shower & sink fixtures . . . check

So, we are good to move forward today.  Now Scott doesn't shy away from much but he has been really worried about pouring a new shower pan.  So we decided to have someone do it for us instead.  They will be here in a little while and we are just going to have them tile the whole shower while they are here.  So hopefully by the end of the day today, I will have my shower back.  Woo Hoo!!

Now I realized that I never came back and loaded pictures of our before & during demo so I have included a few here.  

This is where it all started with the tiles falling into the wall.

Here we are "back to the studs".

This is my fabric choice.  I just love this!

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  1. Pretty material! How exciting - can't wait to see the after pics:)