Friday, August 5, 2011

Running, running & more running

About a year ago, I tried to start up a running club, of sorts.  I just wanted some of my friends to run with me in the mornings in order to help motivate me.  However, it just didn't really go over well (oddly enough I was able to start up a softball team instead, but that's for another post).  It's really hard for working moms & stay-at-home moms to find time to exercise.  So I abandoned the idea and ran sporadically for the past year.  Recently, though (due mostly to my sudden & unexplainable weight gain) I made myself start getting up early in the morning to run.  I have been using the coolest app on my phone called RunKeeper.  It gives me all the stats on my running and allows me to just "head out" and run wherever I feel like running.

Next thing I know I have 3 other friends using the same app while they run.  And presto, change-o I have a running group.  We each run on our own, but post our workout to facebook.  I must admit that every morning I log in to see what my buddies have done for the day.  I am motivated by their commitment & guilted as well (that is my own bag of worms, though).  So, anyway thanks to my running friends!!  

Now if this pesky weight would just go away!!


  1. You are motivating me too - just downloaded the app last night to use on my trip - what could be a better start/motivation than running on the path near the beach! However, my goal will be 5Ks. I just don't enjoy running long distances! I think 5ks will be my limit. But, thanks for the motivation!

  2. Well done!!! I love my running group and I agree with you completely...having a group for company on runs and accountability are huge. Now, would you like to run the Big Sur Marathon in California with Chad and I in April!?!?

  3. Thanks Amy, but NO!! :-) I have done one 1/2 marathon and it was enough to let me know that I don't ever want to do a marathon. At least that is what I am saying right now.