Monday, August 22, 2011

My Baby

Julia-only minutes old
It seems strange to me that this was actually 5 years ago.  She is my first, the one who made me a Mommy.  Some days I thought would never end & some I didn't want to.  As a very colicky baby I held her very close for the better part of the first 3-4 months of her life and now, tomorrow, I must let her move on to this exciting new chapter in her young life.  I know that to some starting Kindergarten may seem like "not that big of a deal" in the grand scheme of things, but to this stay-at-home mommy it's the end of a very special chapter in both of our lives.  I have been blessed in that I have been able to stay home with my children.  Staying home has its up & downs, but one of the greatest perks is the freedom.

Julia's First Haircut
 Then comes Kindergarten, and a certain level of that freedom is removed.  This is precisely why I say the end of the chapter.  However, it is also the beginning.  It's the beginning of a very exciting time in a child's life, the opportunity to begin growing, learning, sharing, developing and maturing into the woman she will one day become.

I love you bunches my sweet Julia & I know that you will love school and excel.  Thank you for five wonderful years of being nothing more than my sweet little girl.  Your Daddy and I now send you one little step into the big world knowing that God will protect and guide you, forever lighting your path with His love.


  1. so nicely written - just perfect! Congratulations to Julia - what a great time she will have at school!