Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankfulness Day 16: Cooking

Today I am thankful that I do love to cook.  Just spent the afternoon cooking/baking for something tomorrow & I feel so accomplished.  It's not always easy with 3 small children and the crockpot and I have become such good friends lately.  However, it's most always worth the effort.

When I cook,
-we all sit down together, around the table
-we talk
-we pray
-my children are learning how to set a table & clean up after themselves
-they are learning table manners
-they are learning to be more adventurous eaters because they at least have to taste everything (courtesy bite, thanks for the idea Kelly) & are discovering that they like more than they dislike
-they are learning the art of conversation
-we share our joys & disappointments for the day
-we give each other our undivided attention, even if only for 20 minutes
-the kids get excited because they love family dinner

I still have days that I don't feel like being in the kitchen, but most of the time it's my favorite place to be.

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