Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankfulness Day 4: My House

Today I am thankful for the house that I have.  It's not the biggest, in fact oftentimes it feels woefully small.  However, it's big enough.  It provides all of the things that a house should.  And at times I am extra thankful that it is so small.  Here is a list of the things that are annoying about living in a small house with 3 small children:
-it's loud
-it's crowded, so we run into each other a lot
-we can't have lots of toys, clothes, etc because we don't have room
-my girls can't have their own room
-my kids fight over the one sink & toilet in their bathroom
-my husband and I bump into each other in our tiny bathroom
-I can't put on my makeup in the bathroom when my hubby is taking a shower
-our garage is full of stuff so my car can't be parked in it
-I don't have a place where I feel like I can get away from the hustle & bustle of the house
-kids can't be watching whatever they want whenever they want
-we don't have room to entertain our big family

Now for the positives of living in a small house:
-my children are learning to really enjoy each other's company
-my children are learning to appreciate what they have
-my children are learning patience & the art of taking turns
-my children are learning that life is not about how much you have, but who you spend it with
-my girls are learning to share a room which will serve them well once they are grown & married
-my husband and & I are never far from one another and are reminded daily of how much we do love each other's company
-my husband & I have become better time managers
-daily I am reminded that my life isn't all about me and if I focus too much on myself I become selfish, unsatisfied & unhappy
-I always know what my kids are watching on TV & my husband and I don't watch all the crap that TV has to offer these days because it's not suitable for our children
-instead of having huge parties (where you spend more time preparing & cleaning up after) we have smaller family/friend get togethers and actually get more quality time with our family & friends

I could go on with this list, but I do have other things to do today.  The bottom line is that for every complaint I have about my house, there is a positive way of looking at it.  This house is where my husband carried me across the threshold, where I brought all 3 of my newborn babies, where we celebrated our first Christmas & Easter, where my 3 babies took their first steps, etc.  My house is not just a place where we reside.  It's a place where my husband & I have built our family.  It's my home and for that I am thankful. 

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