Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thankfulness Day 9: Time Away

So I know this is out of order, but that's okay.  Isn't life supposed to be full of little surprises and quirks??  So this is mine for the day.  And this is based on something I did on the 9th, so still valid.

Today I am thankful for time away.  I do love my children more than life itself, but sometimes Mommies & Daddies just need adult time away.  I'm not talking about a couple of hours at dinner.  I'm talking someone else is in charge for at least 12 hours and a small amount of the weight of responsibility  can be lifted from your shoulders.  I hear some people say "Oh I don't need that, I love being with my kids"  Well so do I!!  And I don't NEED it, but it is GOOD for my soul.  It actually makes me a better mommy, because guess what I do when I'm gone??  I miss them and I think about what they are doing. And that's okay.  The point is not to forget your kids, but to remember just how much you appreciate them.

Sometimes that is hard to do when you are in the trenches 24/7.

So I am thankful that my hubby took me away for the night, and that my sister and a some very dear friends took care of my angels for me.  And it . . . was . . . WONDERFUL . . .

Just to be a married couple like we used to be when we focused all our attention on each other.  I do believe everyone should have that, occasionally.  And you know what???  I wasn't sad when it was time to come home.  I couldn't wait to see my babies again, renewed & refreshed!!!

Headed to Dinner

This was waiting in our hotel room when we came back from dinner.

Room Service for Breakfast

Just had to add this one cause my breakfast was SO yummy!!!

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